Voporak vs. Superman. Voporak is from Bionicle and Superman is from Superman. The Superman in this fight is the Golden Age one.



Voporak's powersEdit

  • Temporal Force Field: Voporak constantly has a force field that ages any target that passes through it.
  • Aging Touch: Voporak can age whatever he touches. This can be turned off at will.
  • Time Disruption Rhotuka Spinner: Voporak's spinner can knock it's target out of sync with time, leaving them a few seconds behind the rest of the world.
  • Rotating Claws and Blades: Voporak has two clawed weapons that can rotate. They can cath enemy spinners and hurl them back (this power was not used in the story, but the set can catch spinners with the claws.).
  • Four Arms: Voporak has four arms (In the picture the fourth is pulled up next to his chest.).


Voporak's only known weakness is having the air cut off from around him.

Superman's powersEdit

  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Super senses (including telescopic vision, x-ray vision, super-hearing, microscopic vision)


  • Invulnerability
  • Super-breath
  • Flight (initially super-leaping)
  • Superhuman control of face muscles


Kryptonite, radiation and magic are Superman's only known weaknesses.

Voporak vs Superman

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