It's the mighty kaiju lords Godzilla,  king ghidorah,  and mothra go head to head against striker eureka,gipsy danger , and cherno alpha   who will win this epic death match between titans


•Fight is underwater

•Godzilla cannot use atomic breath for 10min

•Godzilla cannot use regen

Kaiju Lords

the kaiju lords


Godzilla- atomic breath ,intelligence,Immense strength, magnetic powers, nuclear pulse, ambitious,intelligence,regeneration, durability, flight, physical abilities 

King Ghidorah- flight at mach 3 , gravity beams , able to  create hurricane winds from its wings ,intelligence 

Mothra- able to create a pollen , poison darts from abdomen,intelligence,flight,can shoot beams from head 

gipsy (in front) striker eureka (left) alpha (right side)

Gipsy Danger- chain swords, Chargable plasma gun, elbow rocket, self destruct, very durable, Class 3 Jaeger, jetpack, coolant, vortex turbine, very Strong, occasionally will use the surroundings to it's advantages.

Striker Eureka - swords,rocket chest, jetpack, plasma cannon, fastest Jaegar on PPDC Records, Class 5 Jaeger, More durable than most jaegers 

Cherno Alpha- strength,electric shock, hard hitter, thick armor, turbines

Who will prevail?

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