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Goku render by aliensurxx-d61ul1j


We have the god of the Naruto universe, or so he claims, versus the last of his war like race of saiyans. 


The Sage is the god of Naruto, he is the jinchuriki of the ten tails. He also bears the Rinnegan. As seen from Pain, the eyes can repell objects and create rocks the size of moons and many more impressive powers. His true power is unknown.


Goku is very powerful and has taken on many opponents that can destroy worlds like, Freeza and many more. Goku can use the famous Kamehameha. He is know to have 4 forms. The final and most devastating is the Super Saiyan fourth form. He could also use Spirit Bomb. He also has many more unique powers.

Goku versus Sage of the Six Paths

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Sage vs Goku