Gypsy Danger

Who would win? Kiryu or Gypsy Danger? Vote and comment on who would win! In case you don't know MechaGodzilla 3 or Gypsy's abilities, here you go!


Made on the original Godzilla's skeleton, Kiryu is an anti-Godzilla weapon/robot. In his arsenal there is an electricity beam, a crap ton of missiles, shoulder cannons and his hands can turn into drills which can cause holes on the enemy. His most devastating weapon is his Absolute 0 cannon located in his chest, which fires a beam of ice, freezing absolutely everything around him, monster building or robot. He is insanely durable as shown when he took many shots from Godzilla's atomic breath, definatly more durable than gipsy. And is extremly strong, far more so than his opponent. He has extreme jumping abilities, along with flight. Because of Godzilla DNA in his armor/skeleton, Kiryu occasionally goes on evil rampages, remembering his origins.

Gypsy DangerEdit

Unlike other Jaegers, Gypsy doesn't run on electricity like the other Jaegers do. In Gypsy's arsenal there is a sword, a plasma cannon, a chest ray, coolant far weaker than kiryu's absolute zero,a jetpack, a dark matter cannon, and even a nuclear bomb. His only weakness is that he is men controlled, so if an enemy takes out his controllers, Gypsy is over.

Kiryu vs Gipsy Danger

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