• Krazar77

    Nobody is a push over

    October 21, 2015 by Krazar77

    Hello everyone im here to talk about something that been accuring on this wiki


    i have been on this wiki long enough to see the amount of bullshit that goes on this wiki. People saying that everysingle universe exculding pacfic rim has weak and pathetic monsters. People saying stating not logical reasons why for example

    "The female muto is basiclly leatherback and the male is otachi just without the acid

    otachi and leatherback win"

    I would like to talk about each universe and why they are no pushovers. 

    The gamera universe might not have a lot of kaiju,but it sure as hell is strong enough to fight against godzillaverse monsters. Gamera himself is pretty strong who is on pare with godzilla himself.the…

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  • Krazar77


    August 20, 2014 by Krazar77

    why am i doing a blog post

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  • DVfan000000013

    Before you start reading, this is just an idea for the long-waited and nevermade Godzilla and Gamera crossover movie.

    Year 2050. Tokyo. Godzilla has been attacking Tokyo infinite times over the last 30 years. Weapons like mechas didn't stop him. On the other hand, Gamera has been defending Hong Kong and Earth from alien monsters like Gyaos. One day, in Osaka, 2051, they crossover. At first they don't do anything to each other, but when Godzilla goes back to business, destroying buildings, Gamera goes in and fights Godzilla. The battle was so big, it left both of them badly wounded. Since then, they hated each other. Until one day...

    Year 2054. Planet Kilaax. Evil aliens have DNA of Gyaos specimens and Orga. In a trial to fusion Orga and Gyao…

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