Agent Smith

Agent Smith



Agent Smith from The Matrix trilogy vs. a T-800 Series Terminator from the Terminator franchise.


Agent SmithEdit

  • Bullet Dodge: Agent Smith can dodge bullets by moving at high speeds.
  • Strength-Speed Combo: As demonstrated in the Subway Fight, Smith is capable of dealing multiple blows within seconds that are capable of severely injuring a normal human.
  • Assimilation: Smith can assimilate other programs to create clones.
  • Flight: In The Matrix: Revelations, Smith is capable of flight.
  • Superior Strength: In the above move, Smith is even stronger than before.
  • Desert Eagle Chambered in 50. AE: Smith has a basic Agent pistol.
  • MegaSmith: Smith can fuse with his clones and the rubble around him to create a massive version of himself.
  • Respawn: When "killed," Smith can respawn somewhere else.


  • Optic Modes: A T-800 can see in various spectrums.
  • Durability: T-800s are capable of taking multiple rounds from several different attackers without harm.
  • Strenth: T-800's are incredibly strong.
  • Westinghouse M-27 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle: A 40 watt plasma rifle that can be dual wielded by T-800s.


Agent Smith vs T-800

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